Part libraries

Component Libraries for Standards Based Reliability Prediction and Other Analyses

Building a Data Repository That's Relevant, Accurate and Up-to-Date

Established by ReliaSoft, is a website portal for the collection and dissemination of component data for use in standards based reliability predictions and other reliability analyses. The repository contains data from published handbooks and also will be continually updated with data for the most current commercial components. For more details, please visit our detailed Part Libraries collection.

Exclusive Access via Lambda Predict

Lambda Predict reliability prediction software toolThe portal is available exclusively to users of ReliaSoft's Lambda Predict software, which provides several flexible ways to find and import the data you need for your analyses.

The flexible Search utility makes it easy to search by category, part number, supplier, part name and/or part description. The results provide the reliability prediction parameters required by the standard or the component failure rate. When applicable, the portal also provides additional details obtained from the manufacturer's spec sheet, which can provide a useful additional tool when selecting components for a new design.

For an existing system configuration or when you choose to import from an external Bill of Materials (BOM) file, the software can compare each part number against the data in If there is a match, Lambda Predict will automatically import the reliability prediction parameters and/or failure rate.

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